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Arnold Magnetic Technologies pushes the limits of advanced magnetic and non magnetic material. Rely on our expertise to create sophisticated permanent magnets, magnetic assembles, precision thin metals, and flexible magnets

Magnet Production & Fabrication

Arnold custom produces RECOMA® Samarium Cobalt magnets, Neodymium Iron BoronAlnico, Injection molded, and Flexmag rubber magnets specific to your design requirements. 

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Permanent Magnets & Assemblies

Trust Arnold to produce your precision component and magnetic assemblies at our modern facilities, worldwide. Capabilities include tooling, machining, cutting, grinding, balancing, and sleeving.
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Precision Thin Metals

Precision thin and ultra thin magnetic and non-magnetic specialty alloys such as Arnon silicon steel can lighten your design and improve its performance and efficiency. Find out how.

Flexmag Flexible Magnets

FlexmagTM products cover a wide range of applications, from industrial, automotive and medical applications to signage and displays, to novelty items. Read more about our capabilities.