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FLEXMAG - Extruded Strip Flexible Magnets

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Extruded Strip Magnets

Flexmag is an industryExtruded Strip Magnets leader in the manufacturing of extruded magnetic strip material. We have over 700 profiles available and can extrude custom shapes to suit your needs.Since we manufacture our extruded strip magnets, we can custom design extrusion and custom cut parts to fit your specifications. We have standard and high energy strip which can be magnetized with the correct pattern for your application, or not magnetized. We can also apply a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, if needed.  Select from our products below to learn more.  


                         ULTRAMAG Custom Extruded Flexible Magnets                                           

ULTRA-MAG Extruded Strip Flexible Magnets
Our ULTRA-MAG™ extruded strip flexible magnets are the standard workhorse of the industry for any application.  We offer standard and custom profiles.





flexMAX (FM-60) High Energy Extruded Flexible Magnets          flexMAX (FM-60) High Energy 
       Extruded Strip Flexible Magnets

         Our flexMAX™ (FM-60) high energy extruded flexible strip magnets are highly
         engineered for applicatoins that require high temperatures and a very durable 
         magnet.  Typical applications include electric motors and high end copiers