AutomotiveImprove performance & efficiency with RECOMA® Samarium Cobalt

The automotive industry is experiencing significant technological advancements in energy efficiency. Driving this transformation are the CAFE 2020 standards, which require automotive vehicles to achieve remarkable efficiency gains from today.

As design efforts continue to move toward more energy-efficient systems, new technologies are emerging. Innovations such as thermal energy recovery systems and electrically assisted turbochargers use permanent magnet motors and generators in order to improve vehicle efficiency.

High-performance magnetic materials from Arnold support motor systems that are smaller, lighter and more efficient while operating in high-speed, high-heat environments.

These capabilities enable vehicles to meet stricter efficiency and emissions regulations. Products include L Type Laminated MagnetsRECOMA® samarium cobalt, Arnon® silicon steel, shaped field magnets and Wraptite carbon fibre sleeving, as well as system integration of these materials.


Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Arnold's manufactures a composite sleeved RECOMA® SmCo magnet rotor specially designed for a 50,000+ RPM, 100KW+ system. 

Electrically Assisted Turbochargers
An electrically assisted turbocharger is designed with an integral high speed electric motor that helps to achieve boost at lower RPMs to improve both launch and transient performance. The
electric motor can drive the compressor at the lower engine RPMs while the engine spools up to higher RPMs where it can provide enough exhaust flow for “normal” turbocharger operation. The end result is faster air delivery.