Consumer & IndustrialImprove efficiency with high performance magnetic materials & assemblies

From permanent magnets to Flexmag magnetic strips to PTM’s thin and ultra-thin materials, the full range of Arnold magnetic products can be found in high precision industrial applications that need to operate reliably and efficiently, as well as gauges and sensors that require precision for detecting minute changes. In the consumer appliance marketplace, Arnold’s magnets are used in appliances, latches and fasteners, security key tags, and more.

Arnold’s RECOMA® samarium cobalt is the ideal material in applications such as servo-motors, pump couplings, and sensors, particularly where the magnet is required to operate at high temperatures, across a broad temperature range, or in a corrosive environment.


  • Pump Couplings
  • Motors and Generators
  • Magnetic Bearings
  • Flywheel Storage Systems
  • EMI/RFI shielding

Pump Couplings
Arnold’s magnetic pump coupling assemblies are manufactured for a line of pumps used to transfer hazardous and waste liquids. The seal-less pump utilizes a magnetic coupling to create a static shaft seal. This eliminates the hazards and mess caused by packing or mechanical seal failure.

Micro Turbines
Through distributed power generation, our customer’s microturbine solutions reduce energy costs, ensure power availability, and help preserve the environment with near-zero emissions profile . Arnold’s magnetic assemblies help provide power to the turbine’s generator , which in turn is used in applications including cogeneration, resource recovery, secure power, and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

Flywheel Storage Systems
Flywheel storage systems are large spinning wheels that are sped up and then allowed to slowly decrease in speed over a long period of time allowing a generator to transfer the rotational energy into electricity.  There has been a lot of recent activity in this market due to increased pressure form governments to reduce their dependence on oil and gas.  The majority of these systems are being used as backup energy for large data storage systems as well as reducing the fluctuations in the electrical energy supplied by national grids.  Some smaller applications for flywheel storage systems include on-board power for satellites and electric vehicles.  As these systems develop, it is important to use a properly designed and manufactured permanent magnet in the generator and even the rotational bearings to reduce friction and improve efficiencies.

Magnetic Shielding
Magnetic field attenuation is a function of the permeability of the material. Generally speaking, a better shielding material has high permeability per weight. For metallic foil and sheet, the most efficient shielding material is the 80 Nickel family (e.g., Molypermalloy), followed by the 50 Nickel alloys (e.g., Deltamax). The economical silicon-steel foils and sheets are also good shielding material when weight is not of a major issue. Bonded (rubber) sheets of soft magnetic powders, such as our Ferrosheet can also serve as a shielding material.