Medical DevicesArnold's advanced materials optimize your system for lighter, smaller designs

Arnold’s rare earth permanent magnets, flexible ferrites, and bio-compatible ultra-thin grade 1 titanium can be found across the medical industry, from advanced diagnostic, laboratory and surgical equipment to prosthetics, implants and drug delivery systems.


  • High RPM Drill Motors
  • Neurosurgical Shunts
  • Lancets and Needles
  • Surgical Instrument Drapes
  • Implantable Markers
  • Cardiovascular Systems

Tissue Expanders & Implantable Markers
Tissue expanders enable the body to "grow" extra skin for use in reconstructing almost any part of the body. The expanders are typically equipped with an integral injection site that is used to accept a needle for placement of saline injection for the expansion to occur. When an external locating device containing rare-earth, permanent magnets is passed over the surface of the tissue being expanded, the magnet indicates the precise location of the injection site.

Cardiovascular Systems
Arnold's permanent magnets are used in a fully implantable, small, lightweight, valveless pump that synchronizes with the patient's native heartbeat and continuously adapts to changes in physiology for optimal performance.

Surgical Instrument Drapes
Surgical drapes are used to hold surgical instruments during operations and to assist in the accounting for these instruments at the end of surgery. The drape is fabricated from strips of Flexmag™ flexible magnets encased in a closed-cell foam sheet.