BESThin Energy Storage

Energy storage solutions remain the weak link in the drive for a more efficient electrification of current and emerging technologies. First there were nickel cadmium batteries and now we rely on the much improved Lithium Ion (Li Ion) battery technology. While Li Ion performs vastly better than its predecessor, current technologies are not feasible to achieve efficiency and performance goals.

Advances in battery technology hold particular promise for the automotive and transportation industries. Smaller, lighter, and more power dense designs will enable vehicles to meet stricter energy standards. Other applications that benefit from thin metal substrates include mobile devices, advanced fuel cells, supercapacitors, and photovoltaic (PV) solar cells.

Energy Storage Advanced Materials

Arnold Magnetic Technologies is working with companies to design the next generation of energy storage devices, as well as companies looking to improve the efficiency of their current design.

The BESThin line of thin and ultra-thin metals includes nickel, aluminum and copper for thinner substrates used in battery and energy storage technologies. Titanium and stainless steel are also being investigated for emerging designs. The thin substrates improve storage capacity by allowing for greater energy density in a smaller system. In addition to thinness, Arnold is able to improve material performance through fine-tuned grain size and grain structure and uniform surface roughness. These optimizations allow for precise deposition of electrode materials onto the substrate.

BESThin Materials Gauge

  • Gauges: 0.007" (0.179mm) to 0.00011" (0.0028mm)
  • Widths: 16.0" (406.6mm) to 0.032" (0.813mm)

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    BESThin - Performance Materials for Energy Storage