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ULTRA-MAG Extruded Magnets

FlexMag™ manufactures its ULTRA-MAG™ extruded magnets by combining high quality thermoplastic elastomer (rubber) resins with magnetic powders and extruding the compound through precisely controlled dies. These magnets offer a combination of flexibility with usable resistance to breakage, and strong magnetics in a variety of complex cross-sections.


  • Polymer bonded, extruded, flexible standard energy ferrite magnet
  • Energy product (BHmax) up to 0.78 MGOe 
  • Single and multi-pole magnetization


  • Appliance and Door Gaskets
  • Packaging Closures 
  • Latches and Fasteners 
  • Medical Drapes and Needle Holders
  • Label Holders
  • Weather Stripping

Download the ULTRA-MAG Extruded Flexible Magnets Brochure and the ULTRA-MAG Extruded Flexible Magnets Datasheet for more information and contact us with questions, to receive a quote, or to place an order.