People depend on their vehicles for work and play, and they want to know their investment is protected whether it is a day-to-day car or an expensive high-end sports car. Chip collection magnets are used in almost all vehicle transmission, axel union, and engine oil pans as well as filters to keep metallic chips and filings out of the oil that circulates through these systems. The magnet attracts and holds metallic debris, such as chips and filings, onto its surface, keeping them out of the moving parts reducing the chances of a breakdown of the transmission, axel union, or engine caused by the debris.

Engineers use flexible bonded magnets for chip collection because of the flexible (no chipping) nature and chemical resistance of our PLASTIFORM® cured products. Flexible bonded magnets also have strong debris holding forces due to the optimized multipole magnetization pattern located on their surfaces. An adhesive lining can be added to increase adherence to a pan’s mounting surface in cases where a non-metallic materials, like aluminum, are used.

Plastiform® 1530 Typical Properties

BHmaxBrHcHciMax. Continuous Operating Temp
1.4 MGO2450 Gauss2200 Oersteds3000 Oersteds120 ºC / 250 ºF

Flexible Magnet Advantages

  • Easier to work with at assembly
  • Do not break or chip which could lead to transmission, axle, or engine failure
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Operating Temperatures
  • Strong Holding and Attraction Forces due to Increased Polar Density