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Ferrosheet™ Magnetic Receptive Sheeting is a receptor for magnetic graphics. Designed to be used together with Arnold's variety of printable magnetic media, you can easily create changeable signs, banners, and other promotional pieces. Ferrosheet is available with a peel and stick adhesive back allowing it to be mounted to a wall or other surface. Ferrosheet is not magnetic, so it will smoothly run through printers without sticking to metal surfaces.


  • Changeable Signs
  • Banners
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Menu Boards
  • Wall Graphics
  • Advertising Applications

Caliper (in) 

Thickness (in)

Roll Size (in)

Front Surface

Back Surface

Item # 

 .012 .015 25x50 3 pt Paper  Mattecoat 11789-4
 .015 .015 24x50 Plain  Adhesive 11123-4
 .025 .025 24x100 Plain  Plain 8387-4

Custom Sizes Available up to 30".