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Glossary of Terms

Many customers utilize our knowledge and expertise to learn about the field of magnetics and precision thin metals.

Glossary of Terms for the Magnetics Industry
Glossary of Terms for Precision Thin Metals

About Rare Earths

Arnold has a stable, diverse supply of rare earth materials.

Learn more about Rare Earths.

Magnet Manufacturing Process

How are magnets made?

Explore our Manufacturing process.

Introduction to Magnetizing

How much force does it take to fully magnetize my material?

Learn about the Magnetizing process.

Technical Publications

Arnold’s technical staff are experts and leaders in the magnetics industry. Browse our technical library, designed to provide in-depth insight into the field of magnetics.

Learn more from our Tech Notes, Papers, and Presentations

Product Data Sheets

Get details about our products that suit your current stage of inquiry. Want to save time? Collaborate early in your process and Arnold’s engineering team can save you time and money. Fill out our Contact Form.

View or Download our Product Data Sheets
View or Download our Material Safety Data Sheets


Keep up with what’s new at Arnold, where we’ll be exhibiting, and preview upcoming publications.

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Samarium Cobalt vs. Neodymium Iron Boron

Deciding what material to use in your application can be challenging, especially when it comes to permanent magnet materials.

Learn more about the differences and which is right for you