Arnold Magnetic Technologies supports customers around the world in applying our technical know-how to provide initial and ongoing engineering and manufacturing support.

Arnold’s world-class team of Engineers, Designers, and Project Managers direct the production of products and assemblies at our facilities. You will receive outstanding support at every stage of your project, no matter what material you choose or how complex your design.

Permanent Magnets

Arnold offers a wide array of design and development services to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges of subassembly and product development. Beginning with selecting the right material, we work with you to engineer the best solution for your project and take it to completion.

Precision Thin Metals

In addition to providing a wide range of exotic alloys and common metals, we offer a variety of services that enable us to meet the stringent demands of our customers. We maintain precise temperatures and environmental controls for optimum accuracy in our rolling process.

Flexible Magnets

Flexmag products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities where raw material is turned into standard and specialized compounds for profile, strip or sheet applications. We offer a full range of secondary operations, including die cuts and a variety of adhesives and vinyl backings.


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