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For over 60 years, Arnold has manufactured electromagnetics made of thin-gauge copper or aluminum foils, and wire wound as well. Our electromagnetic products are used in wide range of systems, from exploring the deepest parts of space in search of near-Earth objects, to saving lives by providing critical components for oncology equipment. The electromagnet, or solenoid, provides flexibility in generating magnetic fields so they are desirable for klystron, TWT, ion implantation, chemical etching, chemical dispersion, MRI, plasma experiments, Helmholtz coils and various other applications.

Arnold manufactures and refurbishes a wide variety of custom electromagnets which generate uniform or proportioned magnetic field shapes and with a wide range of magnetic field intensities. These electromagnets are either made up of tape wound individual foil coils or built up from coils made from wire.

In tape wound electromagnets, each coil is electrically controlled to the precise field strength desired. The magnetic field distribution may be uniform, or it may have peaks, plateaus and valleys along the axial length of the electromagnet as dictated by your requirement. When a specific field shape is desired, the shaped field electromagnet can be designed to that configuration with great precision. Coils may be of various widths within the electromagnet and they can be made interchangeable. Nominal I.D. and O.D. may be selected to meet application size requirements.

Arnold’s Technology Center is available to engineer custom stator designs and help you bring your R&D projects from concept to production.


  • Bobbin Wound Coils

    Arnold manufactures hand and machine wound coils in standard or custom bobbin sizes, in a range of plastic and injection molded materials. Many options available.

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  • Custom Electromagnets

    Arnold manufactures a wide variety of custom electromagnets, sometimes called solenoids, which generate uniform or proportioned magnetic field shapes and with a wide range of magnetic field intensities.

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  • Solenoid Coil Repair

    Arnold repairs and refurbishes custom electromagnets from any manufacturer. Learn about our evaluation and repair process, and contact us about your solenoid repair project.

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  • Stators and Motors

    Arnold has acquired Ramco Electric Motors and now offers a variety of stator and motor production capabilities. Click the button below to visit the Ramco website. For new, custom stator projects, Arnold’s Technology Center Team is available for design engineering support and rapid prototyping.

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