RECOMA® 35E - The World's Most Power Dense Samarium Cobalt Magnet Material

Arnold Magnetic Technologies’ RECOMA® 35E Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)  is the strongest samarium cobalt magnet available today, and is specifically created for the most demanding environments, including high speed, high temperature and highly corrosive environments. As the market leader in high-performance permanent magnets, Recoma 35E breaks the boundaries of samarium cobalt performance and flexibility.

Not only does R35E deliver an even higher field than Recoma 33E samarium cobalt, it does so with no sacrifice in stability. This superior performance enables greater power density in motors and generators in all applications, enabling reduction in size and weight, while improving overall efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • More power, less weight—for applications from aerospace rotors to motor sports.
  • Reduced supply chain risk—from mine to assembly. Design out reliance on rare dysprosium (Dy) with SmCo.
  • Market-leading coercivity – Not only does it deliver a higher field than even Recoma 33E, it does so with no sacrifice in stability

Break performance boundaries with RECOMA 35E.

Arnold’s RECOMA 35E samarium cobalt is an ideal fit for applications where performance improvement is a priority. R35E enables smaller, more power dense rotor design, and consequently, smaller, lighter machines. Ideally suited to the following applications:

  • Motorsports - Get ahead of the competition with innovative high performance materials that maximize torque and acceleration in the smallest, most reliable package.
  • Aerospace - Make your design smaller and lighter and eliminate water cooling with the unmatched temperature stability.
  • Automotive -  Easier miniaturization and more powerful motors result in accelerated motor electrification.

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RECOMA is DFARS and ITAR compliant.

How Does RECOMA 35E Stack Up?


RECOMA® 35E Samarium Cobalt Magnetic Properties

RECOMA 35E is available in any shape needed for your application.

BH max Br Hcb

Intrinsic Coercivity Hcj

Reversible Temp. Coef. of Induction

Max Oper Temp

  kJ/m3 Typ kJ/m3 Min MGOe Typ MGOe Min T Typ T   Min   kG Typ kG Min k A/m Typ  k A/m Min kOe Typ  kOe Min k A/m Typ  k A/M Min kOe Typ kOe Min %/K °C
35E 265  255  33.3 32 1.19  1.17  11.9 11.7 880  860  11.1 10.8 1800  1710  23 21 -0.035 350

Recoma 35E Samarium Cobalt Magnetic Assembly