Precision Rolled Thin and Ultra-Thin Alloy Strip and Foil


The Precision Thin Metals (PTM) business of Arnold Magnetic Technologies manufactures thin (0.060” to 0.0005” or 1.524mm to 0.013mm) and ultra-thin (0.00049” to 0.000069” or 0.01245mm to 0.00175mm) gauge metal strip and foil products from a wide range of non-magnetic alloys as well as permanent and soft magnetic materials.

We’re often asked to define thin and ultra-thin. Simply put, we categorize it this way:

Thin gauge: 0.060" to 0.0005" or 1.524mm to 0.013mm
Ultra-Thin / Foil: 0.00049" to 0.000069" or 0.01245mm to 0.00175mm

PTM’s thin and ultra-thin materials are commonly found in aerospace and military applications, high efficiency motors, advanced transformer designs, electron beam processing equipment, HVAC systems for smart buildings, security tags, sensing applications, batteries, and high temperature strip and metal tape wound core products.

Our technologically advanced, precision rolling facility and workforce has the expertise and capability to roll, anneal, and slit materials that require special handling, such as titanium, nickel, and constant expansion alloys, as well as a wide range of magnetic alloys.


Our Magnetic and Non-Magnetic specialty alloys include:

Arnavar® Cobalt Alloys
Silicon Steels (Grain Oriented & Non Grain Oriented)
Carbon and Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel & Its Alloys
Titanium & Its Alloys
Nickel & Its Alloys, Evanohm®, Karma
Nickel Irons & Soft Magnetics, Ni Span® C , and Kovar-029
Copper & Its Alloys - Beryllium Copper alloy 25, OFHC Copper, and Phosphor Bronze
Arnokrome® Magnet Alloys
Aluminum & Its Alloys

With over 45 years of cold rolling experience, it’s difficult to list every material we produce. If it can be purchased in coil form, we either have or will make it thinner!

Contact Us to learn about the full range of materials we can produce for your application.

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