Questions on Your New Design?

Questions on Your New Design?

Arnold’s Team is Here for You

Arnold is the industry leader not only in permanent magnets but also electromagnetics, thin metals, and a variety of engineered assemblies. Our Technology Center engineers work with our Customers to develop cutting-edge materials, validate new designs, and facilitate a design’s innovation from prototype to production.

Our Customers often call upon our Team to offer assistance in reviewing designs for optimal material selection, power densities, performance optimization, and manufacturability.  Our engineers provide input that will make the final product performance and manufacturability smooth, predictable, and repeatable.

Save Time – Collaborate Early

Involve Arnold as early as possible in your design phase. Design reviews often result in a series of small changes that optimize performance, improve manufacturability, and reduce lead times. We partner with you to Engineer Solutions Together, helping you avoid time consuming revisions to prints or unexpected challenges, so we can deliver your parts faster.

Hear what our customers have to say!

“When we have dealt with Arnold with new projects, they engage a cross functional team to support us as a customer to meet our needs/requirements.”

“We often work with Arnold in the design phase.  Their expertise is always helpful.  They are better than their competition in that regard.  Safer and quicker than competitors; they ask the right questions on new products and always have a solution for problems that arise.”

“Arnold is safety conscience.  Their quality is above others, and their assembly techniques are impressive.”

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