Flexible Magnets and Products

We manufacture the highest-quality flexible magnetic sheets, strips, tape and extrusions. Ideal applications for our printable, flexible-magnet products include signage and displays for advertising and commercial printing.

Flexible Composites Flexible Magnets and Products
  • Ferrosheet™


    Magnetic Receptive Sheeting is a receptor for magnetic graphics. Designed to be used together with Arnold’s variety of printable magnetic media, you can easily create changeable signs, banners, and other promotional pieces.

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  • flexMAX™ (FM-60)

    flexMAX™ (FM-60)

    High energy extruded flexible magnets are designed with the engineer in mind. With up to 2.0 MGOe, this anisotropic magnet combines both strength and stability for precise control of numerous applications.

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  • PLASTIFORM<sup>®</sup> High Energy Bonded Magnets

    PLASTIFORM® High Energy Bonded Magnets

    High Energy Bonded Magnets represent the culmination of years of research and development focused on enhancing the magnetic and physical properties of polymerized magnet material.

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  • UltraMag™ MAGNETIC Extrusions and Strips

    UltraMag™ MAGNETIC Extrusions and Strips

    Extrusions and Strips — FlexMag™ manufactures its ULTRA-MAG™ extruded magnets by combining high quality thermoplastic elastomer (rubber) resins with magnetic powders and extruding the compound through precisely controlled dies.

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Product Overview

Flexmag™ Industries manufactures and sells a wide variety of flexible magnetic materials used for many applications. Explore our main product categories below:

Printable Magnetic Media | For Commercial Printing Applications

Flexmag has engineered and currently manufactures various printable magnetic products for printing directly to magnet with any printer. Contact us with questions or if you need assistance in selecting the best product for your application and printer.

Sheet Magnetizers and Magnetic Tools | Magnetize Sheets after Printing

Some of our printable magnetic media arrives in an un-magnetized state so that it does not stick to the metal parts in some printers. We have handheld, desktop,and industrial magnetizers to magnetize these sheets after printing and cutting. These products can be purchased online.

Sheet and Strip Flexible Magnets:  For Advertising, For Industrial

Flexmag is an industry leader in the manufacturing of thin flexible magnetic sheet and strip material. We have standard and high energy sheet and strip which can be magnetized with the correct pattern for your application, or not magnetized. We can also apply a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, if needed. Select from our products below to learn more.

PLASTIFORM® High Energy Bonded Magnets  | For Industrial

  • PLASTIFORM is engineered for high temperature environments, and it provides the highest remanence and coercivity available in the industry.

Extruded Strip Flexible Magnets | For Industrial

Flexmag is an industry leader in the manufacturing of extruded magnetic strip material. We have over 700 profiles available and can extrude custom shapes to suit your needs. Since we manufacture our extruded strip magnets, we can custom design extrusion and custom cut parts to fit your specifications. We have standard and high energy strip which can be unmagnetized, or magnetized with the correct pattern for your specific application. We can also apply a pressure sensitive adhesive backing as needed.