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PLASTIFORM High Energy Bonded Magnets

Unprecedented design versatility with the highest remanence and coercivity properties available.

PLASTIFORM® bonded magnets represent the culmination of years of research and development focused on enhancing the magnetic and physical properties of polymerized magnet material.

Since their development in the mid-60s, bonded magnet materials have evolved from low-energy and limited geometries into high-energy materials of nearly unlimited versatility. From flexible rolls and sheets magnetized with dense multi-pole patterns, to intricate injection- and insert-molded shapes, Arnold PLASTIFORM bonded magnets offer unprecedented design versatility and uncompromising quality.

In addition to the highest remanence and coercivity properties available in the industry, Arnold PLASTIFORM magnets offer superior thermal characteristics, dimensional stability and solvent resistance.

Because of their design versatility, exceptional performance and high quality, Arnold PLASTIFORM bonded magnets offer significant systems savings over conventional magnets.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies offers bonded ferrite and bonded rare earth materials to meet a wide variety of requirements for motor stators and rotors, actuators, instrumentation, armatures and a diverse selection of holding magnets used in automotive, medical, military and commercial applications. 

Download PLASTIFORM datasheets and material specifications.

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