Engineer to Present on Technologies for High Speed Motors at European Conference

Gerhard Martinek, Application Engineer at Arnold Magnetic Technologies, will speak at the Designing Greener Magnetic Applications seminar in Grenoble, France. His presentation will explore materials and technologies that increase energy efficiency in motors, allowing them to run faster, hotter, and at smaller sizes. Read the abstract below.

The Designing Greener Magnetic Applications seminar is presented by the UK Magnetics Society and will be held Sept. 21-22.

Title: Smaller, Faster, Greener – High Speed Electrical Machines

The world is demanding greener machines to make more efficient use of energy. Engineers could concentrate on the efficiency of any one machine, but surely it would be better to optimise the complete system, including reducing the size, weight and energy consumption of the electrical machine. Our goal therefore will be to achieve highest possible torque density, and to become more efficient by spinning faster. Our study starts looking at the heart of the machine, to reduce its size, to “focus” its energy, to enable it to run faster, to run hotter, and consequently to enable the rest of the machine (stator, casing etc.) to shrink with the rotor.

As a manufacturer of permanent magnets, you would expect Arnold to concentrate on developing new, more capable magnet materials. But this is only part of our role in this efficiency drive – arrangement of the magnets, control of their fields, development of containment systems to resist the higher centrifugal forces that will result from the higher speeds of the rotor, lamination of materials to minimise losses…all are technologies in which Arnold specialize. If the heart is efficient, we are halfway there.

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