Improve performance in high-speed motors

E-turbo performance

With an improved understanding of new materials and their application, substantial performance gains can be achieved in high-speed motors.

The demand for continuous improvement drives engineers to push the capabilities of existing designs while adding innovations to augment and/or replace existing technology. New materials applied to these systems and novel applications of technologies can accomplish the goal at minimal risk.

An e-turbo (a high-speed machine added to a vehicle in the form of an electronic turbocharger) is an example of where improved materials can facilitate a new application of an existing technology. This relatively low-cost solution increases the drivetrain’s power density. A drivetrain equipped with an e-turbo can therefore either generate more power or, thanks to the application of the e-turbo, the size of the internal combustion engine can be reduced while performance is maintained.

The development of high-speed machines comes with a number of challenges which, until recently, had prevented widespread adoption of this technology. Broadly speaking, these challenges can be split into two main categories: mechanical forces from the rotational inertia; and losses. In addition, high-speed machines require a high-speed switching drive. Although incremental improvements have seen the technology evolve, current drives still inject high-frequency harmonics in the stator coil. The image displayed on the left of Figure 1 shows a typical…

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