Improved Testing of Molypermalloy and other High Frequency Materials

Improved Testing of Molypermalloy and other High Frequency Materials

At Precision Thin Metals,

a Division of Arnold Magnetic Technologies.

At Arnold, we like demanding applications and we’re always up for a good challenge!  Fortunately, our customers have obliged and provided a number of new applications for our materials.  In order to better predict material performance in these applications, we have updated and extended our testing capabilities.

This year we have added a new electrical steel test system that can measure iron losses up to 20kHz.  The system will also allow us to characterize performance on standard Epstein Frames, Torroids, and Single Epstein Strips.

The setup is excellent at testing electrical steels up to 20kHz, but we also have a number of applications that operate at much higher frequencies.  For these applications, we have commissioned the construction of a High Frequency Response Tester.

The High Frequency Tester will give us Real and Imaginary permeability results from 1MHz – 2.5GHz.

For customers interested in materials such as our Molypermalloy, the High Frequency Tester will allow us to adjust the material’s response by altering our processing conditions.  The output of the High Frequency Tester (shown below) will indicate how the Molypermalloy will perform at different frequencies.

improved testing of molypermalloy nickel

Amorphous Materials such as the Molypermalloy can also be tested with the Amorphous Strip Tester.  This will give us performance data from zero to 20kHz which we can then couple with the High Frequency Tester’s 1MHz-2.5GHz results.  These capabilities still leave an analysis gap from 20kHz to 1MHz, but we’re currently working on new techniques to help fill this gap.

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