Marine electric motors – engineering solutions together with Arnold Magnetic Technologies

Today’s boat engines, gallon-for-gallon, emit more pollutants than vehicles on the road do. As a result, the EPA introduced requirements for catalytic converters on inboard and stern drive boats beginning in 2011. Many manufacturers of personal watercraft initially switched to outboard propulsion and are now looking to electric motors as the next step.

Electric motors and marine propulsion are a natural fit. An electric motor has a wide efficiency band and delivers full torque at zero RPM. Plus, it produces zero direct emissions, is quiet and requires almost no maintenance compared to a motor with an internal combustion engine.

Converting a boat from gasoline to electric isn’t as straightforward as dropping in a battery and motor from a car, though. Since boat drag increases with speed, the energy to move a boat through water is far greater than required for an equivalent electric vehicle. Developing a marine electric motor takes specialized expertise in electric motor design; this is where Arnold excels.

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