Selecting the Best Magnetic Material for Motor Design | Motor & Drive Systems Conference

Aaron Williams, Arnold Magnetic Technologies’ Engineering Manager, will speak about magnetic material selection at the upcoming Motor & Drive Systems Conference. The conference focuses on on the latest technical advancements impacting the design and integration of motor, drive systems and motion control for manufacturing, industrial and packaging, as well as automotive/EV applications.

Cautions When Selecting Magnetic Materials for Motors
Selecting the wrong motor design for an application can have momentous results.  But selecting a sub-optimal magnetic material can also present problems including serious shortcomings in motor efficiency, premature device failure, and increased lifetime operating cost.  The drive to smaller motor size and higher power density has resulted in higher rpm motors with increased switching frequency and operating temperature.  These require reassessment of magnetic materials.  Learn about updates in lamination materials and the new cross-over in comparative performance of Neo and SmCo magnets.  Higher switching frequency also creates eddy current effects in conductive metal magnets.  Learn how to mitigate eddy currents and maximize your motor performance.

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