The Eternal City and The Ever-Changing Future

Greetings from Rome, where we were in attendance at the Workshop on Magnetics and Metallurgy 2016 conference. This was a fantastic venue for us to share some of the research we have been working on our with our partners in industry.One of the joys of working in magnetics is that we get a chance to explore many different industries and approach a lot of technical challenges, and this conference was no different. Between people studying needs for power transmission, automotive efficiency, and aerospace miniaturization, it was a nonstop, and fascinating look into the work that goes into making the technical advances we enjoy. Being invited to present at this conference gave us an excellent chance to share how our power-dense samarium cobalt materials can help them get more performance out of smaller packages. We’d like to give a big thank you to the organizers for inviting us to speak and for putting together a very well-run conference with a lot of engaging and provocative discussion.Download the full presentation here.

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