Commercial Printing Applications

Commercial Printing Applications

Flexmagtm for Commercial Printing Applications

Flexmag manufactures a complete line of custom engineered flexible magnetic sheet for the graphic arts industry. Our printable magnet products come in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses, and surfaces suitable for a range of applications from refrigerator magnets to vehicle signs and indoor/outdoor signage needs. Flexmag products are approved by OEMs for use on the most popular offset, digital, and wide format printers.

Use the following table to determine the products suited for your printing equipment.

Flexmag Product & Printer Compatibility Matrix

SubstrateOffsetHP Indigo **Xerox iGenXerox 700Xerox 800Xerox 1000NexPressCopierSolventEco SolvUVLatexAqueous
11 p EnticeX******X
13 pt EnticeX******X
17 pt EnticeX******X
13 pt EnergizeXXXXXXXXX
17 pt EnergizeX*******X
13 pt DigiMat/white backXXXXXXX
14 pt DigiGloss/white backXXXXXXX
14 pt DigiGloss/matte backXXXXXX
16 pt DigiGloss/matte backXXXXX*
.015" Ultra-Mag™ vinylXXXX
.020" Ultra-Mag™ vinylXXXX
.030" Ultra-Mag™ vinylXXXX
.015" Flexcoat-EZ™XXXX
.030" Flexcoat-EZ™XXXX
Ferrosheet™ w/paperXXXXXXXX
Ferrosheet™ w/vinylXXXX
* depending on individual machine, run trial first
** HP Indigo requires white back product