Magnetizers and Magnetic Tools

Magnetizers are used to magnetize substrates that are shipped and/or printed un-magnetized. Please contact us to order or learn more about any one of our magnetizers.  The handheld and desktop magnetizers are also available for purchase on our E-Commerce store.


For use with any size sheet up to 30 mils thick. Just roll the magnetization roller over the sheet (a slow and steady pace of approximately 10-12 feet per minute) and your sheet will be magnetized. Results in 16 pole per inch magnetization pattern.

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Industrial magnetizers are necessary for material used in high-quality commercial printers. The Industrial units are available in two widths. The smaller unit will magnetize material up to 15 inch wide and the larger unit will magnetize material up to 25 inch wide. The units are motorized with a variable speed control that runs up to 250 feet per minute.The unit is equipped with power feed and take off that can be set up for inline use. Magnetization pattern is 16 poles per inch or as specified. Custom units are available.

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Arnold’s B-1022 magnetic viewer provides a fast, clean way to view magnetized patterns.

Download the B-1022 Datasheet

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The electronic magnetic pole tester with audible beep comes in handy whenever you need to detect stray magnetic fields on packaging, perform magnetic polarity checks, test coils, or assemble electric motors. It provides an instant zero-delay magnetic pole indication and is also readable in the dark and where access is difficult.

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Magnetic viewing paper shows the location and direction of magnetic fields. Available for purchase online, the viewing paper is available laminated or laminated, in sizes ranging from 3″ x 3″ to 12″ x 12″.

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