Arnold Magnetic Technologies is the leading worldwide manufacturer for permanent magnets and precision magnetic assemblies. Our magnetic assemblies feature a wide variety of grades of custom made permanent magnets including:

We supply high integrity, mission critical assemblies for use in aerospace & defenseoil and gasautomotivemedicalenergy storage, and consumer and industrial applications. For over five decades, we have engineered solutions for our customers by providing both magnets and precision magnetic assemblies made to print or co-developed to complete their projects.

From the straight-forward to the most complex combination of magnetic and non-magnetic materials, our advanced assembly services offer unparalleled expertise, quality and affordability. Our experienced team of engineers and production staff, located at all of our worldwide locations, are able to offer you a wide range of capabilities for your magnetic needs.


Arnold’s worldwide team of engineers, designers and project managers direct the production of assemblies at our facilities in Rochester, New York; Sheffield, England; and Shenzhen, China. We can match our strengths and locations to meet your project needs.


Arnold’s wide ranging breadth of production includes single piece prototypes up through volume production. Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to aerospace volumes as well as industrial and automotive. Some examples of Arnold’s capabilities are:

  • EDM
  • ID slicing and grinding
  • In house machining of hubs, rotors, cylinders, sleeves
  • Magnetic and thermal stabilization of magnets
  • Rotor dynamic balancing
  • Wraptite carbon fibre sleeving
  • Serializing
  • Magnetic characterization
  • Magnet fabrication from a large stock of a RECOMA® samarium cobalt and neodymium in a variety of grades, alnico and ceramic or hard ferrite. This includes magnets for TWT systems.
  • System integration


  • Rotors which may include sleeves (inconel, stainless steel, Wraptite composite sleeves)
  • Hybrid and electric drive motors
  • Dynamically balanced rotors
  • Eddy current rolls which may include Kevlar or fiberglass wraps
  • Oil and gas industry sensors and drive systems
  • Automotive sensors, motors or actuators
  • Aerospace applications including radially oriented ring systems for gyroscopes
  • Pump couplings (inner and outer magnet assemblies)
  • Latch assemblies
  • Voice-coil assemblies
  • Beam focusing assemblies
  • NMR assemblies