UltraMag™ Extrusions and Strips

UltraMag™ Extrusions and Strips

UltraMag™ magnetic substrate is the workhouse of the sign and display market. Flexmag’s custom designed extrusion and custom cut parts are designed to fit your specifications. Standard and high energy strip can be magnetized with the correct pattern for your application, or not magnetized. Strip also available with pressure sensitive adhesive backing or custom lamination.



  • Indoor and Outdoor Advertising
  • Inventory Control
  • POP Shelf Displays and Dividers
  • General Signage

Magnetic Properties of Ultra-Mag Standard

Maximum Energy Product (BHmax x106).65
Residual Induction Br (gauss)1650
Coercive Force Hc (oersteds)1400
Intrinsic Coercive Force Hci (oersteds)2200

Physical Properties of Ultra-Mag

Higher energy values available upon request.

Specific Gravity3.7
HardnessShore D52
Ultimate Tensile Strength psi1000

Patterns of Magnetization

conventional through thickness

(1) Conventional Through Thickness

through width

(2) Through Width

 poles on one side

(3) 2 Poles One Side

multiple poles on one side

(4) Multiple Poles One Side

Typical Examples of Ultra-Mag Custom Made Shapes




stamped: latch punching, washer punching