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Arnold Magnetic Technologies is the leading global source for high performance permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, precision thin metals, and bonded magnets. Arnold offers a full suite of performance materials including:

Precision Magnetic Assemblies

Arnold's assemblies include high efficiency rotors, pump couplings, aerospace applications, and more. Our assemblies use the most advanced materials and sophisticated components held to tight tolerances for highly demanding requirements. Read more about our precision magnetic assemblies.

Magnet Production & Fabrication

Just announced:
L Type laminated magnets  - offering the greatest efficiency with lowest eddy current loss.
Arnold custom produces RECOMA® 35E, the world's most power dense samarium cobalt magnet material available on the market. In addition to samarium cobalt, Arnold is a global leader in the manufacture and production of Alnico, injection molded, and licensed Neodymium Iron Boron. These materials can be fabricated to your specific requirements. Learn more.

Flexmag™ Flexible Magnets

Arnold's Flexmag division produces printable magnetic media, flexible magnetic sheet and strip, extruded strip, and bonded high energy magnets. Learn more about our Flexmag product line.

Precision Thin Metals

Arnold’s specialty alloys, rolled into thin and ultra-thin sheet, strip, and foil, improve the power density of various applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Energy Exploration, Industrial and Medical markets. Explore our thin and super thin magnetic and non-magnetic materials.


Performance Materials Enabling Energy Efficiency