Precision Thin Metals – Thin Gauge Alloy Strip and Foil

The Precision Thin Metals (PTM) division of Arnold Magnetic Technologies produces thin and ultra-thin alloys that improve the power density of motors, transformers, batteries and many other applications in automotive, aerospace, energy exploration, industrial and medical markets. For example, our Silicon Steels improve the power density of motors and transformers, our ultra-thin Ni, Al and Cu are facilitating the development of tomorrow’s batteries, while our thin Titanium strip is both strengthening and lightening components used in the aerospace industry.

How Thin is Thin?

Thinness is a relative term and we’re often asked how we categorize the end-product's thinness or gauge. We define thin and ultra-thin this way:

Thin gauge 0.060" to 0.0005"
1.524mm to 0.013mm
Ultra-Thin / Foil 0.00049" to 0.000069"
0.01245mm to 0.00175mm

Arnold’s Precision Thin Metals manufacturing processes allow us to control the properties of a wide range of materials to meet your required specifications. Arnold’s metallurgists and engineers are experienced in designing solutions for your most demanding applications. 

The Precision Thin Metals division is ISO 9001, AS9100, and Nadcap certified, demonstrating our commitment to quality processes and continuous improvement. Arnold is your non-traditional trusted partner, registered with ITAR and DFAR.

Cert Bar PTM636469688512445939

Contact a specialist to learn more about our precision thin metal products and their vast capabilities.  


Thin-rolled aluminum and aluminum alloys from Arnold Precision Thin Metals (PTM) are versatile and lightweight and are used in a variety of electrical products packaging and other applications. Aluminum is often the best solution when reduced weight, good conductivity, and high formability are desirable characteristics. To meet these needs, PTM offers its customers aluminum strip materials in a wide variety of thicknesses and alloy compositions. Learn more.

Arnokrome Family
PTM's Arnokrome Magnet Alloys are designed to provide superior performance in applications that require low coercivity magnetic materials, including magnetic clutch/break, anti-theft tags, sensing, and guitar strings. Produced in strip or wire forms and available in different formulations of iron and other metal constituents, Arnokrome is mechanically tough, stable across a wide temperature range, and machinable. Arnold can customize the properties of Arnokrome, including magnetic orientation and coercivity, to satisfy a variety of mechanical, surface, magnetic, and other requirements. Learn more.

Arnon Electrical Steel
Arnold’s Non Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (NGOES) is manufactured in thicknesses of 0.005" and 0.007" (0.127 mm and 0.178 mm) under the trade names Arnon TM 5 and ArnonTM 7. Learn more.

Carbon Steel
Arnold's Precision Thin Metals business provides high quality thin and ultra thin carbon steel in various grades, rolled to precise tolerances for thinness and flatness. Its excellent workability makes carbon steel the obvious choice in numerous commercial, automotive and military applications. Carbon steel grades are known for good formability and can be readily rolled, drawn, and shaped. Learn more.

Thin-rolled copper and copper alloys from Arnold Precision Thin Metals (PTM) serve a broad range of needs. This versatile material is used in a variety of electrical products, heat exchangers, solar collectors, piping and other applications that require strength and corrosion resistance. Copper is often the best solution for applications that require excellent conductivity, strength and formability. Learn more.

Arnold manufactures a wide variety of custom electromagnets which generate uniform or proportioned magnetic field shapes and with a wide range of magnetic field intensities. These electromagnets are either made up of tape wound foil wafers or built up from coils of wire. Learn more.

Inconel is known for its strength, and high temperature and corrosion resistance. These properties make it an excellent material choice for many applications in the aerospace and chemical industries. Typical applications include aviation thrust reversers and ductwork, industrial pressure sensors and gauges, as well as sodium sulfide manufacturing applications. Learn more.

Arnold's Precision Thin Metals business is a recognized leader in providing high quality grades of nickel and nickel alloys rolled and fabricated to your demanding specifications. Because of its ability to withstand the extremes of both temperature and corrosives, as well as its magnetic properties at or near room temperature, nickel is often the preferred metal for applications ranging from rechargeable battery technologies to microphone capsules to strain gauges, instrumentation sensors, gaskets, motor valves, and other devices. Learn more.

Nickel Irons & Soft Magnetics
Arnold Precision PTM provides thin-rolled nickel-iron alloys and soft magnetic materials used for efficient energy storage and transfer. Nickel-iron alloys are characterized by relatively high permeability and low core losses. Their overall high saturation flux density means high performance energy storage and transfer over low to middle frequencies. Learn more.

Silicon Steels
Many types of electrical devices use a soft magnetic material as the flux-carrier. Silicon-iron (Si-Fe), often referred to as “electrical steel” is the most commonly used material for motors, generators, transformers, and inductors. High permeability, low coercivity, and ductile properties make Arnold’s Grain Oriented (GOES) and Non Grain Oriented (NGOES) Silicon Steels a perfect match for your high speed, high efficiency motors and transformers applications. Learn more.

Stainless Steel
Arnold's PTM business provides many types of high quality stainless steel, rolled to precise tolerances for thinness and flatness. Its excellent corrosion resistance and good workability make stainless steel the obvious choice in numerous applications across many markets. From commercial and military aviation devices to tiny precision instruments and components, to large area solar panels and other energy generation and management apparatus, as well as a range of commercial and automotive uses, Stainless Steel is a versatile choice. Learn more.

With hundreds of uses in applications ranging from E-beam shielding to drug delivery to aerospace surfaces and structures, titanium offers exceptional characteristics for high overall strength, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and workability. Lightweight and durable under harsh temperature and chemical conditions, titanium sheet and foil materials from Arnold are available in a number of grades for various end-uses. Learn more.

Wraptite Encapsulation
Arnold Magnetic Technologies offers composite and metallic encapsulation solutions for a wide range of permanent magnet systems and applications. While metallic sleeved magnet containment solutions are used extensively for magnet containment, Wraptite composite sleeves offer a superior design alternative for today’s higher performance applications in which rotational speeds exceed 50K RPM. In addition to RPM, Wraptite encapsulation is a perfect fit for systems that must operate reliably in extreme conditions while reducing system weight. Learn more.