Simple and Complex Assemblies

From large volume production of magnetic assemblies to small volume, highly specialized aerospace system components, Arnold Magnetic Technologies is your worldwide design and manufacturing partner for precision magnetic assemblies.

Arnold is a premier supplier of components and precision magnetic assemblies for defense, aerospace, industrial, automotive and oil & gas industries. Many of the assemblies we produce are used in high performance motors, generators, and other electric machines. We also manufacture assemblies used in extreme environmental conditions, such as those used in down-hole power generation for oil & gas exploration and extraction.


Our magnetic assembly services and capabilities fall into the following areas and can support your program throughout the product lifecycle.


Many customers utilize our knowledge and expertise to design sophisticated components and precision magnetic assemblies for highly demanding requirements. We use the most advanced equipment to design and validate performance.


Our team can help with custom magnet fabrication, engineering prototypes, magnetic evaluation, production fixtures and systems, reverse engineering, and electromechanical design.


Arnold can handle tasks ranging from relatively simple mechanical assemblies to complex electromechanical parts and components requiring extreme precision.


We have more than 20 years of experience re-manufacturing systems for companies to reduce costs, increase throughput, improve product performance, and enhance quality.



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High precision and quality product delivery is a critical element in our manufacturing that is ensured through the highest quality standards and inspection. Some of our product is utilized in zero-failure tolerance applications and is inspected 100% using sophisticated measuring and magnetic field mapping equipment. Some of this equipment is even designed and built by Arnold personnel.

Arnold’s engineering and production teams have extensive training, certifications, and experience designing and building complex system components and precision magnetic assemblies. With facilities located in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Switzerland and China, Arnold is well positioned to support your requirements.