PLASTIFORM® Bonded High Energy Magnets

Flexmag’s PLASTIFORM flexible bonded magnets offers bonded ferrite and bonded rare earth materials to meet a wide variety of industrial applications. From flexible rolls and sheets magnetized with dense multi-pole patterns, to intricate injection- and insert-molded shapes, Arnold PLASTIFORM bonded magnets offer unprecedented design versatility and uncompromising quality. In addition to the highest remanence and coercivity properties available in the industry, PLASTIFORM magnets offer superior thermal characteristics, dimensional stability and solvent resistance.

Extruded Strip Magnets

Flexmag is an industry leader in the manufacturing of extruded magnetic strip material. We have over 700 profiles available and can extrude custom shapes to fit your specifications. We have standard and high energy strip which can be magnetized with the correct pattern for your application. We can also apply a pressure sensitive adhesive backing if needed. Arnold’s extruded strip magnets are available under two product lines: ULTRA-MAG™ flexible standard energy ferrite magnets and FM-60 High Energy flexible magnetic strip. Each product line varies in magnetic and application characteristics.